Your Wardrobe: Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle. index

Since there is all this talk that we are in a double-dip recession, saving money is very important. BUT so is fashion people! It is very important during these times to be able to reuse, re-purpose and recycle your clothes so that you still feel like a POSH mommy!

  • Host clothes swapping parties with friends! Chances are your friends have great style just like you, so why not swap some clothes – you get something new and you get rid of something you are sick of!
  • Buy a sewing machine so you can take that adorable ribbon off your favorite sweater that is threadbare and sew it to another cute top!
  • Tag, you’re IT: Collect your tags to make a pillow. We have a friend who rips all the labels out of her clothes the minute she gets them home. “Too itchy,” she complains.
  • Quilt It: Old baby clothes can be turned into a quilt; try it with grown-up clothes, from T-shirts to sweaters, even those that are too torn and tattered to find a second home.
  • New buttons can make a huge difference for little money and you can do it yourself!
  • Take in the waist of a boxy jacket. It will make it more form-fitting and flattering.
  • Many couture jackets have shorter, narrower sleeves so take them in and up if you want to give old jackets a more high-fashion look.
  • Adding or changing trim can completely transform a piece of clothing. Be careful though, it can start to add up.
  • Spruce up a boring, conservative jacket with a faux fur collar.
  • Get out those scissors! Shortening hemlines, taking sleeves off a dress and cutting off lapels updates tired old clothes. Just remember, once it’s gone, it’s gone so cut conservatively.






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