Who cares about “Made in the USA” anyway? We do, and here’s why…

We always have choices. From dawn to dusk, each day is filled with choice after choice regarding anything and everything. When I first began my POSH Mommy journey, I made a significantly important choice that I’m still proud of every day – POSH jewelry is made in the USA.

Being made in the USA definitely isn’t an easy choice. There’s a reason most companies do not produce their products in the US – cost. Allocating work overseas makes production cheaper; it’s an easier way to cut down costs –  offering items at a low price to then increase sales. Not to mention that many other countries have looser laws and restrictions regarding wages, resulting in low-paid employees. So although going overseas is a cheaper option, it wasn’t an option for POSH Mommy.

I believe that a strong company is a company with strong values. Our values are many: hard work; paying fair wages; quality over cost or quantity; fine craftsmanship; giving back; and much more. Most of all, we truly value our country, and the people in it.

So, yes, the upfront cost of producing our products in the US is costly; but, the benefits of doing so yield incredible rewards and profits for us professionally and personally.

One of the most obvious benefits to being made in the USA is: jobs. Every step, from manufacturing, shipping, delivering, receiving, and more is done by a U.S. citizen. Because those jobs are held by U.S. citizens, they receive fair wages and work in safe environments. The products themselves are held to U.S. standards of safety and quality, which isn’t the case for products overseas. You can rest assured that our products are free of any unhealthy chemicals and toxins, and no one’s life is being endangered in the process.

Manufacturing in the U.S. is more sustainable. We source all of our goods and materials locally, and once products are finished ,they don’t have to travel as far, resulting in less resources used. It also means that there’s less room for miscommunication and error, resulting in quicker delivery, and quicker troubleshooting.

We’re able to offer enhanced customer service. It won’t take hours to talk to a customer service representative, and it’s easy to find out who actually works at the company. Not to mention if there are any issues with your order, it won’t take ages to sort them out since everything is located within the U.S.

When we manufacture in the U.S., we get to pay U.S. taxes. Taxes aren’t  fun for anyone, but we all enjoy the fruits of our taxes. So when you buy our products and pay taxes on our products, you are directly supporting your community. If you buy products from an overseas company/manufacturer, those taxes are going elsewhere. Keeping American manufacturers in business in America benefits us all in the long run, and helps keep America, well, America.

 When it’s all said and done, that “choice” I made turned out to be so much more than to have great value. It has enabled POSH Mommy to reflect and support our values everyday. POSH Mommy is more than just a jewelry company; we’re a local, supportive community giving back to the U.S. economy, all while outfitting our customers in gorgeous, high-quality jewelry pieces. My vision for this company has gone further than I could have ever imagined, and I am prouder of what we have accomplished than I had ever imagined! So, thank you to the wonderful POSH community., Let’s keep on rocking!

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