Wallpaper Design

In the last few years wallpaper has been making a comeback and for a good reason! It is such a great way to spice up a room and add some texture or color. You can add it to one wall or a whole room, and it is easier than painting!

We are loving this wallpaper inspiration from Pinterest…

wallpaper inspiration

Keltainentalorannalla BlogspotSusanna Vento A Lovely and Unique ThingPaloma 81Wall Decal


Here are some designs you can buy from two wallpaper masters, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. They have beautiful designs at an affordable price. 

Damsel Wallpaper, Woods Wallpaper , Lolo Wallpaper Peony WallpaperTree Wall Decal 

How fun is the tree decal? Decals are a great option for putting designs on a wall in a nursery or playroom! You can also use wallpaper to add some life to a pantry or closet by lining the inner walls!

Have you used wallpaper in your house? Share your wallpaper ideas with us!






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