Treat Yourself

Anyone dreaming of their own person Mommy vacations this summer? The kids are out of school and they may or may not be driving you crazy and sometimes a woman just needs to treat herself! Check out a few of our dreamy get away ideas below!

How about a little getaway weekend in Palm Springs? Or a stay cation? Get a few of your mom friends together for an overnighter where you can relax and not have to worry about making breakfast in the morning!

ACE Hotel get away

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Who doesn’t love a spa day? I am dreaming of a spa getaway that looks something like this. Look into spas in your area and the packages they offer. Even if it’s only a few hours, you deserve the rejuvenation!

dreamy spa day

Spa Day

Are you a roadtrip kind of mom? Road trips can be a great treat for you even if it’s a few hours with just you, the road and a destination. Plan a day trip, a weekend trip or dare we say it, a week trip!

road trip

Big Sur

Some more of our “treat myself” dreams…

bubble bath

Bubble Bath

hanging out

Lauren Dall 

If you just don’t have the time to getaway, or maybe your staycation looks like staying at home, here are a few ways to treat yourself from your own home spa!

1. Fixing your manicure at home

2. Body Scrub Recipe

3. At home Spa tricks

How are you dreaming of treating yourself this summer?






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