Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Summer is the greatest time to get family and friends together for fun activities in the sun. Baseball season is upon us and there are so many fun ways to make the season enjoyable for all.

Whether your family enjoys going to the games or watching them on TV, here are some fun ways to use baseball season as an excuse for fun get-togethers or kid friendly crafts.

Here are my top 3 favorite perfect tote picks that are big enough to carry all your kid’s snacks and necessities, and still look fashionable.

(Clockwise from left)

No. 1 Layla Grayce

No.2 Anthropologie

No. 3 Skip Hop Versa

If you are planning a day at the ballpark or practicing for Little League, make sure you bring along a few essentials for you and the kids. Gather a blanket, a fold out chair and protective sun gear and you are ready for the afternoon! Sewn Natural has some adorable hand made and eco-friendly picnic blankets and are durable and multi-purposeful.

Trail mix is an easy and healthy snack to prepare for a party or a family outing. Blonde Designs came up with a great way to take your average snack bags and make them a little more fun. Get creative with printing out labels with your baseball team’s name! If you want to treat your kids or guests to something sweet, consider making baseball Cake Pops, or using red frosting to draw the baseball stitching onto a white frosted sugar cookie. Use a template for water bottle print outs, and personalize your water bottles with team colors and names too!

If going out to the game isn’t an option and you are having a little get-together to watch the game at home, use the same ideas for labeled snack bags and water bottles as if you were really at the game! Or, you could turn to some of the classic baseball movies memorable for all generations. Start a family movie night and make some of these kid friendly baseball classics a staple in your home: Sandlot, Angel’s in the Outfield, Rookie of the Year or Little Big League.

Have fun and be creative while celebrating America’s favorite past-time with the family!







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