Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The most romantic Holiday of the year is quickly approaching, and as many of you might be thinking…”do I really have to plan Valentine’s already? What happened to January??”

Valentine’s Day is loved (and hated) by many, but the truth remains the same that it is a great excuse and opportunity to celebrate love whether you are married, dating or single.

Let’s face it, it seems as though there is always another Holiday to buy a gift for someone; birthdays, Christmas, showers, anniversaries…what if we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a gift that will truly show someone that they are thought about and loved?? As life gets busy and going out on dates may not be as practical with the kids, here are some ideas for gifts and celebrations that will be romantic and meaningful for you, your man and your wallet.

1. Make your gifts.

Establish that this year (and maybe even from now on) that you will make your Valentine’s Day gifts. This idea is so fun because it encourages both of you to get creative and express your love in new (and sometimes funny) ways. The sky is the limit and there is no better way to celebrate love than homemade, meaningful expressions that will include memories and laughter.

2. Romantic Dinner for Two

Think of your man’s favorite dishes and get them cooking! Sure, they may not be the healthiest items, but he will be so excited to come home to his favorite foods prepared for you two to share together. Of course, sexy and romantic dessert items are always a must have; chocolate covered strawberries…body chocolate….and prepare a menu of cocktails that he enjoys.

Click on the picture for a customizable template for the menu you decide to create!

Rachel Ray has put together a delicious list of romantic dinner menu items to help you out too!

3. Games

Sometimes good quality time together, means having fun! Ditch your typical dinner and a movie and opt for something a little more competitive that can bring a youthful fun into your evening. This is also a great alternative if Valentine’s Day is going to be spent with the kids too.  Not to mention, games can always be twisted as a playful addition to bringing it into the bedroom!

Get creative this Valentine’s Day with options that won’t break the budget and will show your love and appreciation for the man in your life.







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