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For some people, gardening is a relaxing and therapeutic activity to pass the time. Some of us may not have the time to plant a full growing garden, but you can always start small! It never hurts to have a few home grown herbs, flowers or even fruits and veggies! Something about that homegrown freshness just can’t be beat and it’s so rewarding!

If gardening isn’t something you have practiced before or you are thinking you don’t have the time or patience to get too crazy just yet, try some of these ideas that are small, simple and still useful!

Pallet Herb Garden

This is such a great use for an old wood pallet. Herbs take a little work once they are grown, but they work well indoors as well as outdoors so they are perfect if you don’t have space in the yard! Better Homes and Gardens has some tips for growing herbs here and you can get the tutorial on the pallet garden from Eat Live Shop.

pallet herb garden

Stick with the herb theme, this is another simple way to get the herb garden started using those old ice cream cones! Plant the herbs in the cone and once it starts to grow you can plant the cone in the ground because it’s biodegradable!

getting the herb garden started

image from The Small Object Notes 

Let’s not forget about flowers! Choosing some easy-to-grow perennial flowers is a great way to begin. Check this list out from Better Homes and Gardens on some of the best and beautiful perennials for your future garden paradise! Does anyone else think this garden is so dreamy??

garden dreaming

image from Meblirovka

Fruits and veggies may be a more daunting task for the beginning gardener, but it can be done! DIY Network has a large list of tips and suggestions for growing and maintaining your vegetable garden, which will be helpful in getting things started. Imagine less trips to the grocery store with your own garden full of fresh and seasonal ingredients!

Does anyone already have a garden growing? We’d love to hear what you have growing and what you love about gardening!






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