Giving Thanks

It’s that time again; to formally give thanks and celebrate a good ole American Holiday with a lot of food and family.

Let’s start thinking about the plans for the day ahead of time, to save ourselves some stress and trouble as time seems to speed up as we get close to that big Thursday.

Decide on your menu now. This will give you time to gather supplies and even think about what you can make ahead of time. The great thing about this too, is you can print out cute menus to place at each table setting to add some fun decor to the table.

So let’s talk food. Two items that are almost always Thanksgiving staples are turkey and pie. Why not get creative? Year after year of celebrating this food-filled Holiday can use a little twist. Better Homes and Garden has come up with some mouth-watering recipes to get anyone excited about a new change to the menu.

First off, if you’d like to opt out of the turkey choice this year, try this delicious recipe for

Chicken with Rice and Mushrooms. Still a hearty dish, but healthy as well!

Try the Hazelnut Crusted Turkey Breast recipe for a perfectly moist turkey breast with a delicious crust, or the  Honey Roast Turkey for something on the sweeter side.

Just in case you’re new or inexperienced to the art of turkey, BHG has also provided a guide to help out!

Now to the pies. The Holidays are so dangerously delicious, and perhaps it’s all the fault of the pie. However dangerous they may be, they are a necessity, so check out these fun twists to an apple pie.

Top: Carmel Apple Pie for a nice candy tasting pie dessert.

Left: Apple Pudding Pie

Right: Cheesy Apple Pie. Did anyone watch the sadly short lived series Pushing Daisies!? Well, this recipe is so reminiscent of that show, it can’t be resisted.

Of course, in the midst of the insanity of preparing for this day, don’t forget why it’s so important! Take time to celebrate what you are thankful for!







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