Fall Fashions

I absolutely LOVE Fall. Not too hot, not too cold yet and the season of layers and delicious pumpkin treats!

What are some of the top trends this Fall?

Let’s talk colors. A lot of stylists are showing the mustard yellows, rusty oranges and reds, but also a fun fall shade of jade green. What’s great about these colors is even though they are hitting the style books for Fall, they are very reusable for all seasons if layered the right way!

My favorite trend of the season is the maxi skirt with a comfy sweater or jacket. It’s the perfect style for busy mommies who don’t always have time for shopping or picking out outfits and a great way to keeping using the skirts you have been wearing all summer! Not to mention it’s so comfortable.

Pair this Anthropologie skirt with this adorable Nordstrom cape and you’ll be sure to make a POSH statement. Plaid is back in for the season too, so it’s a great way of combining color and patterns.

Don’t be too quick to throw out any of your skinny jeans! Even though oversized and flowing is making a big Fall statement, any oversized layers can be paired perfectly with your more form fitting items to create a menswear inspired feel.

This trend is great for combining a feminine flare with more “masculine” or “comfortable” items and so many pieces of clothing and accessories can be layered in numerous way to make each outfit unique!

Get creative this Fall with layers and fun color blocks. The trends are so friendly to all shapes and personal styles this year, so take advantage of the fashion freedom and share with us and other POSH mommies the Fall outfits you create!







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