Back To School

It’s that time of year again. The kids are heading off to school and mom’s are experiencing the bittersweet emotions of time away from the kids.

Moms are getting more creative each year on back-to-school fun, and here are some great ideas for sending your kids off in style!

Depending on how organized you are, preparing your kids’ lunches can often be a stressful task between trying to get them to bed and getting them ready the next morning. This is a great list of items to keep in stock for your kids’ lunches, as well as an awesome lunch box that keeps all the food separated and in their appropriate containers! Your kids’ will be excited about their lunches when they look this awesome!

This is also a great idea for preparing ahead. Get all the baggies of snacks and veggies put together in one day so all you have to do is grab each bag in the morning!

Send your kids off in style…how cute are these outfits for some inspiration??

Any parents have trouble talking to their kids every once and awhile? It is highly beneficial for parents to stay involved in their daily lives and up-to-date on their progress in class. Here is a cute little diagram of ideas for getting your kids engaged in conversation.

As emotional as it may be to drop your kids off at school and watch them grow up, don’t forget that this is a great opportunity for you to refocus and get some “mommy time” in. If mommy is happy everyone is happy, right? 

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