GO GREEN for Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I figured I could write tips on GOING GREEN. The GO GREEN movement is huge, as we all know, and is all about protecting our environment and preserving our planet. So how exactly do you GO GREEN? Well, there are quit a few things you can do actually, simple things, that reduce your carbon footprint dramatically!

1) Simply recycle! Yes I know we hear and see signs about this all the time but majority of people don’t bother to do it! Once a week take a trip to a local supermarket to recycle your paper, plastics, glass, etc. Many places such as Whole Foods has designated recycling dumpsters you can put your recyclables in!

2) Wash your clothes on COLD. We are told to wash on warm or hot to make sure you clean clothes, when actually cold water can do just the same, and not only do you take part in helping the environment, you save money on your bill as well! Don’t we love win-win situations?

3) WALK. Yes, I said it walk, or ride a bike! If wherever you are going is close by why not? It’s great exercise, gets you out of the house, and is perfect to do with your family!

4) Unplug your electronics. Did you know that the majority of energy used from electronics is when they are off or not being used? Simply from it just being plugged into the wall!

5) Buy reusable grocery bags. I love them, not only can you use them for grocery shopping, you can use them to tote around anything! And sometimes grocery stores give you incentives for using your reusable bag. Free-Bee’s anyone?

6) Eat one meat-less meal a week. Not only does it help the environment, it keeps extra money in your wallet too!

7) Get a reusable water bottle and filter your own water. Many bottled water brands only claim to filter their water, when in fact it is not! By filtering your own water you know your getting what you want and by getting a reusable water bottle you’ll end up saving A LOT of money in the long run!

8 ) Plant some trees around your house, shading not only your home, but also the air-conditioning unit if possible! It will save you LOADS of money per year!

9) Change your light bulbs to to Energy Star-rated CFL bulbs.

10) When you do the dishes, run a FULL dishwasher, save you money AND water.

Let’s make these 10 tips 10 daily habits! Together we can reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment! Stay green SWANKmommies.







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