An Apple A Day

I love Smitten Kitchen. Her recipes are so. good. I loved her even more after an interview I saw with her where she talked about the inspiration for a lot of her recipes. You’d be amazed to find out that she lives in a tiny apartment in New York city so she tries to keep her recipes simple enough for a small space. Sometimes, even if you have the space, it’s nice to have a smaller mess. Especially when kids are already making a mess!

Her website is so easy to navigate too, so when you are looking for a recipe with a specific ingredient, you are almost guaranteed to find something! In honor of Fall and going back to school, here are a few apple inspired recipes. A great way to fit in that “apple a day” or even to give your students teacher a treat instead of sticking a plain apple on the desk!

Apple and Cheddar SconesApple Granola CrispCabbage Apple and Walnut Salad,

Multigrain Apple CrispsWhole Wheat Apple Muffins 







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